Join with Project Pixie Dust to End the R-Word.

As most of you know, we work with cosplayers to make videos for children who have hydrocephalus, an incurable brain condition. So the ‘r word’ issue is a hot button one for me, and it hits close to home. I’ve used it before, without thinking much of it. Then, I started meeting and working with families affected by the condition…and I can’t in good conscience, continue to do so. 


Maybe you’ve never used it maliciously. Maybe you don’t relate the word to disability. Either way, I’d like to invite all of you today to visit, and learn a little about why it’s not okay to use the word; and if you wish, pledge not to use it. 


Pixies, whether you’re one of my volunteer cosplay Pixies, a hydrocephalus family, or just someone who follows the blog or enjoys the videos- feel free to put Project Pixie Dust down in the optional organization slot. We’re all in this as a family, no?




Pardon the serious tone of this post, it’ll be business as usual soon! :-) 


Calling Captain America!

If you follow any Disney related news, you’ve probably heard that Captain America has been on the Disney cruises, and has finally made his debut at Disneyland! (As as Thor… Love that they’re incorporating the heroes some!)

So, we figure that we should do our best to debut Cap as well. :)  We love our Disney characters, but we try to incorporate comic book characters as well!

Besides, parks debut or not, how can anyone not love Steve Rogers?  We think he’s perfect for Project Pixie Dust, and he has so much experience to draw on in making a video!  There’s his low tolerance level for bullies – the very thing that made him the perfect candidate to begin with. Not to mention he’s also been displaced from his time period to ours, so he can possibly relate to any children that might feel like an outsider because of their condition as well.  And of course, anyone who cosplays Cap probably knows that there’s much more than that to choose from. :)

If you or someone you know cosplays Captain America (or any of the other characters in his universe…)  drop us a line! We’d love to have you be a part of what we’re doing.


Cinderella Video – (Cinderella)

We’re so excited to add a new video this morning.

Chances are, we’ve all grown up hearing some version of my friend Cinderella’s story — whether it be the Disney version, one of the classic fairy tales, or one of the many modern retellings.

What may surprise you – and your children – is that Cinderella has actually heard THEIR story. :)

Any Mary Poppins Cosplayers out there?

We have been blessed to work with several great cosplayers so far, and we love all the videos we’ve been able to bring to families affected by hydrocephalus.

However, lately, we’ve been feeling like something is missing.

That something, or someone, rather; is Mary Poppins. The nanny who never explains anything is one of the few characters we were 100% sure we wanted on board before even officially forming Project Pixie Dust. Hardly anyone is as (practically) perfect as she is to be a part of this venture.

She’s a nanny that isn’t fazed by a thing. With as common as hydrocephalus is, we’re confident she’s seen the condition before. Not only could she relate to children with the condition, but she would be amazing at reassuring worried parents. (Sometimes parents need as much love and reassurance as children!)

Sadly, we haven’t yet been able to get with a cosplayer and make a  video happen.  If you, or someone you know cosplay as Mary, (or Bert, can’t leave him out!) please, drop us a line!

We’d love to hear from you!  (Jumping in chalk paintings not required!)


Wanted: Snarky Villains. Sense of humor, a must!

We’re looking at you, Gaston.

And you, Hans.  Definitely the Team Rocket and the Loki’s of the cosplay world, too….


Really – any of the snarky villains that we all love to hate.  (Or, just love. No judgement here…)


Sure, a lot of kids love the princesses, and the comic book heroes… but let’s not forget about all the kids who love the villains. We don’t want to leave them out of our project!


That being said, villain videos can be tricky.  It’s got to be appropriate for kids still, and be likable — all while still being in character, and getting a compassionate message across.   Our Harley Quinn video is a perfect example of how to make it relatable, and in character! Check it out! 


Think you’re up to the challenge? We’d love to have you on board! Drop us a line –!


Holy gracious, Frozen Cosplayers!


You guys came out full force!

Feeling extremely grateful for all the feedback and response that I’ve been getting- thank you so much!

I know I’ve mentioned to some of you that I’ve had multiple cosplayers contact me.  I wanted to post something here as well, so no one panics.

 I’m not only accepting one video per character.  Multiples are allowed, if certain criteria is met. 

Basically, how it will go, is after we get our first video by a character, if someone else wishes to do a video as the same character, they can. They just need to ensure that their video is different. Be it a different variation of the costume, a different message for the kids, or even a multi-character video. This is another reason I ask that you guys show me your scripts first, so we can make sure all the videos vary enough. :)

It’s not a contest, and since this is all volunteer, we want everyone to wants to participate to be able to do so! Also, different children need/want to hear different things.  If we have variety, families have a choice. So in the end, everyone wins!  (Also! You aren’t limited to just one video .  If you’d like to also make a video as another character, be my guest! We’d love that. :)

Does that make sense?   I hope I’ve cleared that up for you.  I don’t want any cosplayers to think I’m turning them away! Believe me, that is the farthest from the case that it could be. :) We’re honored we have so many people eager to help us provide parents with these videos they can show their kids!

As always, if you have any questions – don’t hesitate to contact me!


ps. Don’t forget! We aren’t limited to just Disney Characters!  Cosplay comic or video game characters? Childrens tv?  Shoot me an email! :)